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You've read the articles on Sponsor-A-Starship, now read more about space, science and things that go whoosh in the night. Here is a carefully chosen selection of friendly and intersting books for you to read, enjoy and learn from. They cover everything from space life, travel, technology and some very interesting historical perspectives about the capacity of humanity to change the world we live in.

Oh, and did I mention the aliens?

Recommended Reading List

coverSpaceflight Revolution
Read this is you want to learn about the future trends in orbital spacecraft designs.

coverIntroduction to Space: The Science of...
Here's a good introduction to the basics of spaceflight and the basic sciences of space. It covers many subjects of interest to the student of space and its uses.

coverA Vision of Future Space Transportation:...
Another study of the trend in spacecraft design.

coverDyna-Soar: Hypersonic Strategic Weapons...
In the early history of spaceflight many ideas were tested and abandoned in the American rush to the Moon.

coverWomen Astronauts
The adventure and inspiration of spaceflight and from the women's point of view.

coverMining the Sky: Untold Riches from the...
While politicians and eco-terrorists argue about the growing shortage of resources on Earth an enormous wealth of material assets await us in space.
If we have the courage and will to reach out for them.

coverThe Science of Aliens
Forget the fictions, the TV series and the films. This is a consideration of how really strange "alien" life could really be to our perceptions.

coverThe Starflight Handbook: Pioneer's Guide...
If we ever dream of deep space, even interstellar, space travel here is the book that may help future designers consider all the various posibilities for fast long range flight.

coverEvolving the Alien: The Science of...
Another consideration of what alien life on other worlds may really look like.

coverStages to Saturn: A Technological...
"They", the "experts" say it can't be done, huge rockets, a vast adventure, distant vision. And yet only a few decades ago it was done. Here is a study of the great Saturn rockets that took Americans to the moon.

coverIntroduction to Space Dynamics
Hard science for the serious student.

coverThe Backroom Boys: The Secret Return of...
Sixty years ago it was the "boffins" and other "eccentrics of British science who startled the world with their innovations. They're making a come back.

coverA Computer Called LEO: Lyons Tea Shops...
If you thought that the world's first true business mainframe computer was American, or built by a huge technology company, then here's the truth - a chain of British cake shops pioneered all the essentials of modern computing with LEO: the Lyons Electronic Office.

coverRocket Dreams: How the Space Age Shaped...
A study of the effect that the drema of man in space and how the great adventure has influenced world society.

coverProject Orion: The Atomic Spaceship...
If the term "blast off" ever happened with this spaceship it'd have every eco-terrorist in Greenpeace in fits - the story of the ultimate atomic spaceship rising on a firechain of exploding atomic bombs.

coverVirtual Apollo: A Pictorial Essay of the...
If you are fascinated with the design of real spacecraft rather than fantasy ones then here's the current holder of the record as the one that's flown the farthest and fastest with men onboard. A detailed story of the design, development and function of the Apollo spacecraft.

coverThe Invention That Changed the World
IN 1940 several British scientists travelled to American seeking help with the war against Germany. They took with them ideas that would change the whole way their world worked and paved the way for our modern technological society.

coverIslands in the Sky: Bold New Ideas for...
Colonisation and mastery of the wider universie is only a few years away. Here is a series of articles on the subjects likely to be of use to any prospective colonist and explorer.

No Picture
A distinguished astronomer presents technical, biological, and social plans for survival and prosperity on terrestrial and artificial planets in this and other solar systems.

coverSpacefaring: The Human Dimension
It's not all techno-gadgets and the latest spacecraft. If you are going to travel far and wide in space you'd better be prepared for the journey mentally.

coverSeven Wonders of the Industrial World
The experts say it can't be done, they've told us for decades that it's impossible. Here are studies, based on the hit TV series, of exactly how brillient humans can be when they are allowed to be.

coverMen of Iron : Brunel, Stephenson and the...
The space revolution will change the world perhaps as much as the industrial revolution. Here are the stories of two men who transformed the way our world worked and lived: Brunel and Stephenson.

coverDays That Shook the World
Forget the long drawn out methodical plan of big government and big business. The world can turn on a sudden moment. Learn some of these moments in history, single days that changed the world. And then imagine: what days are there to come...?


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