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Spaceships, space missions, interplanetary space objectives, First contact with aliens and other such techie stuff. Nothing to do with Hollywood science.


Spring Worlds as a new alternative to future space colonisation.Spring Worlds

Space colonisation without all the mess of civilization spoiling new Gardens of Eden.

If you want to look into the practicalities of colonising space, planting Luna colonies or Mars colonies, and all forms of future space colonisation, you do not need to import all the troubles of our world and despoil yet more virgin worlds with man's mess.

Using the same ideas found in the Springship proposal, a Spring World transforms the sky with new technological wonder.

Visit the Spring World here.



The mother of all ships, the mothership or one mother of a ship!  Download designs of future spaceships, interplanetary exploration craft - the SpringShip.

SpringShip Interplanetary Spaceship Design, by Michael Bond, copyright, 2003, click here to download and open.

Springships are a unique interplanetary spacecraft design concept of my own.  This is a real proposal, not fiction, for the design of second generation of future interplanetary spacecraft/spaceships based on key observations of how such vessels ought to function for maximum efficiency and safety in deep space. Click here for the Springship spacecraft blueprints (may take a few minutes to download, requires Adobe Acrobat to read).

The Roswell Incident

Roswell UFO Crash as First Contact - CLICK Here for more information, copyright, Michael Bond 1997

ROSWELL - Was it an accident, an attack, or something else? Well, here's my contribution to the debate - that the Roswell Crash in 1947 was a deliberate act of First Contact by an extraterrestrial species with the United States of America as the preeminent nuclear power of the time. Visit Roswell.

The Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Sponsor-A-Starship - Join the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence here.

Do you want to know why they haven't found anything? Welcome to the Kingdom of The Blind. Visit SETI.

NOTICE to journalists, et al. These articles and blueprints remain the sole copyright of me. However, you may reproduce them for articles in your journal as long as you refer to this web site and the wider scope of the points of view herein. (In other words don't try to claim them for your own, because they're not.)

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