Plan Mine, from Outer space, Foolish Earthlings!!


Plan Mine - From Outer Space

Every plan begins with a first step, and making your donations is the "First Small Step" back to the stars. But then what?

In Brief

Well, even though I don't have any money of my own for this kind of ambition I believe I've got the potential and other resources to achieve a vast amount more than others. Of course I can't reveal everything; but here are a few elements of my plan to give you more confidence in supporting me.

Step 1. Your Donations

Over the last few years I've worked to establish a number of new business concepts, new ventures that will act as the core source of funding and worldwide activity for the future of this great dream; but like all new ventures I still need to earn a living and raise the finance to keep the dream alive.

What I lack is the funds to launch it all, you know, the advertising, the tax, the lawyers, etc., etc. A few thousands from the donations of good people around the world and I can cover my personal and business expenses.

Step 2. From A Little Acorn...

Once I've completed my first steps on the road to the stars I'll have a surplus to pay for the next small steps.

This will include building a solid non-bureaucratic business and technology team for the spaceflight plans and presenting those plans to the BIG investors - private and government agencies, wealthy individuals and investment clubs.

I already (Sept. 2007) have associations with three leading banks/investment funds through whom I can offer a protection scheme for the first major sponsors.  This guarantees 100% security for all funds to get the first stage of this dream flying.

Step 3. ... A Great Oak.

Obviously no lone individual or team of Rocket Scientists and engineers can ever launch such a vast ambition as this without a lot of outside support. That's why I'll be presenting my plans to major sponsors and backers around the world for their full support.

Remember, this plan will cost thousands, millions, milliards, to write, prepare and fulfil, and we'll only get one shot at it, we have to defeat every argument against it and win the widest popular support.

As part of my credibility by this time I expect to have access to several tens of millions from the above sources to place into finance programmes for short term but high yield income.

This is the growth of that one small seed for the next small step of man in space.

Step 4. Blast Off!

Next Step we'll build and launch a new generation of low tech compact "skyboats", create a vast range of spin-of commercial opportunities, earn even more money to lay the foundations for a true starship programme.

Along the way there will be many opportunities for everyone to become involved and many new technologies developed and exploited to earn the ongoing funds needed for this ambitious scheme - this will not be a core business for one type of spacecraft or one space mission - we're going into space to stay.


If anyone wants to consider joining you can reach me through the Contacts page, but as most of the early stage is going to be at long distance I'd ask you to keep your support to visiting my site from time to time, telling all your friends, joining my mailing list for occasional up-dates, and making those donations.

NOTE:  all donations are treated as such and not investments, this is not a solicitation to invest and Sponsor-A-Starship is not registered with any authority to solicit or take investments in this or any related venture.

For such discussions please contact me directly should you wish to undertake any other form of financial participation than a free donation.

In the meantime Gimmie Five!?

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