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Welcome to SponsorAStarship!

Hello, my name is Michael and I've created this site for one purpose - to ask for your help, to appeal for your support, to find the backing of thousands of good people around the world who, just like me, share the idea that we're all better than society would have us believe, if only we had a chance to show it.

This is a new age in human endeavour. I am asking for your donations to make a dream come true, but read on and you'll learn everything.

In Brief

I dream of building a starship, and I don't think it's a stupid idea given the support, time and effort that I believe can be mobilised. Of course it'll take a few "Small Steps" along the way; but we have to start somewhere. So, will you sponsor me and my dream?

I'm asking you for your support because this is the only way I can think of to realise these dreams and ambitions, and I believe that you will also benefit from what I aim to achieve.

I've tried all the usual channels. I'm not a Rocket Scientist, so there are some sources totally closed to me, grants, foundations, government funding, etc., are all controlled by bureaucrats and wouldn't look at what I have to say until I had a vast body of evidence to support my ideas; but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming that it can be done - nobody else will give me a chance, will you?

"Gimmie Five.."

Will you "gimmie five" to try?  That's all I'm asking for, and if, after reading the site, (keep coming back THERE WILL BE UPDATES) you think it's a worthwhile proposal then make your donation by clicking that little button on the right.

Tell Everyone!

If you REALLY like my site (I will eventually get around to to the Flash version of these pages) then tell your friends: tell everyone - "The Starships Are Coming!!!"


My proposal is that it really is possible to do what I'm going to tell you about - to build, launch and successfully operate a commercially profitable spaceship programme and operating company - "The Next Small Step" for mankind.

On this site I will tell you as much as I can about this idea, with a business plan and technical drawings, and if you think it's worth your support and that you and your family will benefit from the results in the years to come then I'm just asking you to "gimmie five" and we'll see how far we can go.

In the next few pages you will find the basis of my appeal, some technical ideas and a few other odds and ends I've managed to put together.

This is the "Next Small Step" for all mankind. Thank you in anticipation for your support.

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